Saturday, September 11, 2010

24 Hour Fitness

Dear 24 Hour Fitness,

When I originally joined about 3 years ago, you were basically my only option. You were the closest gym to my home and work, and although you cost more than other fitness clubs, I was willing to pay extra for the convenience of being able to work out whenever I want.

I have since moved, and while there aren't tons of other options, there are some. My biggest concern is that you're not open 24 hours a day anymore. I work out in the evening because it's a good way for me to wind down. On Saturdays, the 24 Hour Fitness locations here in Phoenix close at 9 p.m. I've often had to cut my workouts short because of this.

I have other concerns about the cleanliness of the club and locker rooms, but any fitness club might have some of those problems. Basically what I'm saying is, it's ridiculous that for how much I pay, I can't work out when I want, especially because the NAME of your establishment is 24 Hour Fitness! You're not living up to that name.

I'm sorry, but I'm forced to look at other options that are more accommodating to my needs. You might want to re-think your choice in name, as it is misleading.

Warm Regards,
Michelle Cole

Their poorly-written response:

Thank you for your email couple things. There are some 24 Hour Fitness locations that are open 24 Hours the other locations such as this one have to comply to city code and have to close by 9pm on the weekends. It has always been this way with certain club the hours have not been altered in the past 3 years and than some. The locations that are open 24 hours are Metro Sport (I-17 and Peoria), Mesa Dobson (Dobson and 8th street), and Gilbert (Val Vista and Elliot). The other thing I was not sure based on your email were you wanting me to go ahead and cancel out your membership because you said you are looking at other options or you are still trying to decide? If you have any further concerns feel free to email me back, Thanks!

In defense of 24 Hour Fitness, they did promptly cancel my membership at my request, with no drama. I joined Life Time Fitness, and I love it! YAY!

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