Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Dear Mojo,

First of all, thanks for being part of the frozen yogurt craze. I don’t eat ice cream anymore due to dietary concerns, and I had been frequenting Golden Spoon, but the location is not convenient for me. I quite enjoy the serve yourself situation at Mojo. It’s nice to be able to load up on as many toppings as I want in whatever quantity I choose.

I do, however, have one concern. My friend and I have a topping request. As a topping option, you carry only slivered almonds. Almonds are quite delicious, especially when paired with chocolate, but we do not believe slivered almonds are the best option as a yogurt topping. Slivered almonds are great in salads, or as mix-ins for things like cookie bars or toffee. Have you considered roasted almonds? The chunkiness of roasted almonds is quite delightful in contrast to the smooth, creamy texture of Mojo yogurt. This chunky texture is more satisfying than the weak, crumbly breakage of a slivered almond.

Because of this problem, we were forced to seek out other options. As you know, frozen yogurt is quite the fad right now. We found a lovely establishment of similar quality called Yogurtology, and they offer roasted almonds as a topping. Gratefully loading up on this delicious treat, we swore of Mojo until we get word of a roasted almond option.

Thanks for listening, Mojo. We’re just trying to help.

Warm regards,
Michelle Cole & Shauna Kinghorn

Mojo failed to respond to my letter. I have now boycotted them and replaced them with Yogurtology (post on that later).

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