Wednesday, September 1, 2010

AT&T Park

Dear AT&T Park,

On Sunday, May 30, 2010 we attended a baseball game at AT&T Park. The Giants played the Arizona Diamondbacks, who suffered an embarrassing loss due to the fact that their bullpen and pitching staff completely suck at life. Since we live in Arizona, this was particularly sad for us.

Anyway, we thought we should write you to share some feedback we have about our experience. First of all, the ballpark is absolutely beautiful! We were quite impressed by the stunning ocean views and overall cleanliness of the facility. After a seemingly endless quest to find good food on our way to the field, we found a lovely sports bar with delicious steak fries. We approached the ticket booth hoping to find decent seats at a good price. The attendant, Doug, who is from Woodridge, VA hooked us up with awesome seats! He was very friendly, and we felt immediately at home.

Once we got to the right concourse, we walked out toward the field to see if we could find our seats. A delightful usher named Harley asked us if we wanted our picture taken in front of the field. Given that we had never been to AT&T Park before, we were excited that he was so eager to help us. He took our picture and promptly directed us to the correct section.

Overall, our experience at AT&T Park was quite delightful. We really enjoyed the hospitality of the staff, and the park was clean and beautiful. We were also impressed by the variety of food options, and wished Chase Field in Phoenix had as many options. Our only complaint is lack of signage. As new patrons to the field, it was nearly impossible to find our seats without asking people where we were going, and once we did get to our section, the only identifiable signage were the little numbers on the chairs. We suggest section numbers be painted on the floor and section numbers appropriately indicated on overhanging signs. It was also difficult to find the correct concourse, so signs indicating where stairs and ramps are would also be beneficial.

We would also like to express our feelings about Giants fans. The crowd was amazing, and Giants fans are clearly loyal to their team. The game was sold out, and we had a lovely experience visiting with patrons and staff.

Thanks, AT&T Park, for being there for us, and for making our visit to San Francisco memorable. We will definitely be back.

Warm Regards,

Michelle Cole & Shuana Kinghorn

Their response (Rick, I don't think you really read my letter)

Thank you for writing.

Thank you for your kind words, and thoughtful comments.

Best regards,


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